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Getting TPMS to work on 3 wheels

 Tire pressure monitoring system. Come factory on my 2020 RGL. Not that i need it I can not leave stuff alone.

Started off wondering why I could not make it show all 3 wheels. So I purchased a spare Sensor from Harley and the game started.

Went in to ECM/BCM and told my my it was a Trike. Then I went in and told the bike it had 3 wheels up to this point all was going well.

My display showed a trike with 3 wheels. My display window now showed Right rear,Left rear and front wheels.


Then I went in to record the new sensor for the third wheel . No slot to enter it.  I am not giving up. Will be digging around in the BCM some more.

This link will take you to screen shots of the process , as I was wandering around in the ECM and BCM changing setting.  Some may find it interesting


I'm not a Harley guy but I have an aftermarket TPMS system for trikes that I'm using on my Goldwing rig. My system assumes that you want the same setting for each of your two rear tires since it's a trike, right?  So it lets you input only two settings, one for your front tire and one for the two rears.  Does that help?  Maybe the HD system assumes the same thing?

I use the trike front tire as my sidecar tire, and then I use the single trike rear tire setting to apply to both my front and rear tires.  Doesn't really matter that much to me since my display is "always on" so I get to see real time pressures at all three corners as I ride.  

 It is an HD issue with software It is not including a third senor in the the setup. They have to each have their own entry.

Not  something that is necessary. I just the type that has to try.