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Escaping the Winter Blast

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While Texas and the rest of the country was shivering with the Arctic blast a few days ago, decided a ride south was in order.

Met up with a group of two wheel riders via MotoQuest in Long Beach, CA. As a group we rode south seeking warmth. Ā Looking toward the Pacific, we leave the LA basin.



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We crossed into Mexico at Tecate, lunch in Ensenada, first night in San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez.


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Crossed back to the Pacific side to continue south. How far you ask? All the way south till the Baja road ends in Cabo.

Gas can be an issue, so we fill up when available.


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No it's not really that bad, PEMEX is our normal re-fueling stop. Ā That roadside gas stop is famous as has been there for years, the sons Juan and Manuel, now run the business. Am surprised PEMEX has not built a station at that intersection.

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Sights along the way... low tide, desert shade, and ... the five burros standing on the road as I crested a hill did not stick around for their portrait.Ā 

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Day three we are in San Ignacio, after crossing from Baja Norte to Baja Sur. People are friendly and smiling everywhere we go. Ā Masks are requested at all establishments if going in doors, some villages are asking that you wear one when around others.


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Wow looks like a fantastic time. keep it comingĀ 

USCA # 8913

Jan,I really envy you. Looks like a super trip. Wish we could have gone along.


Ambassoder at large.


From San Ignacio we rode to Santa Rosalio to visit the famous Iron Church designed by Eiffel. Today was Ā catching several of the historical missions or churches, of Baja: Ā Santa Rosalio, Mulege', Ā Loreto.



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Roadside stands were available for a quick mid-morning break, coffee or sodas, tacos or quesadillas.

Two burros were unwilling to yield the way... at first. Was a Mexican standoff... can you hear the whistling music from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

That day ended with us staying at the Country Club near Loreto, me sitting under the poolside patio cover working on my blog.



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The nest day was the longest, straightest riding day, 232 miles to La Paz. Again MotoQuest provided beautiful lodging for the night. Below is the view from the doorway to my room.

Frida, our waitress in La Paz wanted to sit on the sidecar rig. When I agreed, she whipped off her apron and jumped on.

And finally a Food Art photo of the great chicken sandwich Frida brought to the table.

The man sweeping the leaves is using a palm frond as a broom, a practical and economical use of the resources at hand.

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Last day of group riding we crossed the Tropic of Cancer, stopping for a group photo.

Most all of the group have departed for homes back in the States or Canada. I am in Todos Santos for a few days, resting, grabbing photos of whatever attracts my attention...

Will start back north later this week.


The photos are:

Sunset in La Paz

Saturday night in La Paz

Tropic of Cancer group photo

Todos Santos beach




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  • Todos-Santos-beach.jpeg
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Jan. If you are still in Mexico,could you go by a pharmacy and pickĀ Ā  me up two or three tubes of Kenacomb cream? It's a OTC skin cream. Much appreciated if you can. ThanksĀ  J.R.

J.R. will take a look for you. Will be in Mexico for another 5-6 days, mainly staying in small towns.Ā 

I appreciate it. Thanks a lot. J.R.

Spent a couple of nights in Todos Santos at La Bohemia Inn. Rode to the fisherman's beach and then the surfer's beach, two different locations.Ā 




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The fisherman's beach, the surfer's beach

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One of the tourist oriented streets in Todos Santos


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Living vicariously through you right now.Ā 

USCA # 8913

Had been posting samples from the trip down Baja here, but if you wish to see more of the story, go to my blog:


Have posted seven chapters so far.



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