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I am ready to purchase an easy steer for my rig, I had the 4.5 on the 1500 and was happy with it, there were times I wished I went with the 6 but all in all I was happy. Now on the 1800 the FIII is a good bit bigger and heavier so I'm thinking go with the 6 from the start but wanted to ask does anyone think 6 would be too much. I just recently adjusted the toe in IN just a little more and now it tracks nice, still has a tiny pull sometimes but it feels good, but this car is heavy 

anyway what are your thoughts 


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If you increase to the 6 version your steering will be lighter and that's usually good. BUT, it will also be "quicker" and maybe it will feel a little too "twitchy" for you.  When folks who aren't used to it drive my EML rig they often comment that they feel the steering is loose.  I think it's fine and I'm sure you would too after you become accustomed to the change.


well I am used to a 4 deg set up as that is what I had on the 1500 and I'm pretty sure Monica's trike is 4 deg 

I just don't know how much more sensitive 6 deg is compared to 4. is it that much more.  I just keep remembering a conversation I had with someone that had 2 1500 one had a 4 and one had a 6 and he said he regretted getting the 6. but they were the same cars on each and the one I have is much heavier than those and my first one. 

hmm decisions decisions 

USCA # 8913

4 or 6 it also depends on the rake the bike has to start with. If the bike has a factory rake of 26 and you add 6 it is 32 if you add 4 it is 30.