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Daisy our Sidecar dog went home today!!

Many of you know our sidecar dog Daisy as the big white poodle in the sidecar. She traveled with us throughout the US and was actually part of the reason we got into sidecaring in the 1st place. She left us with so many great memories of the fun times and challenges we faced traveling for 14+ years. Daisy was in the sidecar for 8 of those years. When she got into the sidecar, she ruled it.  She passed away peacefully today. She will be greatly missed. By Ruth and I and many others. Rest In Peace, we love you! 

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I'm sorry to hear that. I remember Daisy well 

USCA # 8913

 Always hurts to lose a Dog.  I pray the hole left in your heart heals soon.

Thank you. Losing her hurt much worse than I thought.  Losing a “riding buddy” always hurts. This one especially!