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Car tire on front wheel?

I am trying to decide if putting a car tire on the front wheel is a good idea. Any opinions on this change? I have a 150/80-16 tire on there now, what size of car tire will replace it?

Thanks, Dave 

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 The bike you want to do this on plays into it a lot.

Finding a Cartire that will fit between front forks will not happen in most cases. Many on Harley  go to what is called a wide front end that allows them to run 180 rear tire in front. However it is expensive.

A 180  tire   is with in 1/2 inch of a 195/55 or 195/60 car tire.


   I had looked it to it but with proper alignment front tire ware is not a dealer breaker compared to the cost.


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Dave, like Smitty says, what bike and sidecar outfit are you running?  Do you have leading links or conventional forks?  What tire are you using now and what's wrong with it?  In other words, how is it disappointing you or why specifically do you want a car tire up front?

I'm pretty sure there are some 185/80-16 car tires out there, but in addition to being 1-3/8th's wider, they would also be 2 inches taller so that would affect your trail, your setup, and everything.  I don't know of any 16-inch car tires smaller than a 185.

There is a 16" motorcycle tire called the  Heidenau K29  that has a square profile like a car tire.  But it's width is similar to a 110/80 and would not be safe to mount on your rim, which I assume is 3-1/2 or 4 inches wide.

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Adding a car tire in front will give you heaver steering.  I'd only do it if you have a fully modified front end with leading link and reduced trail. Even then, at low speed there is a lot of steering effort required. I've done it and I'm sure of the results.


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Thanks to all of you for your input. The only reason I wanted to put a car tire on the front was that I thought it would last longer. After all the information I received I will stay with a motorcycle tire on the front wheel.

Thanks again, Dave

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Are you using the Bridgestone Battlax BT46 150/80-16 Rear?  That's gonna be your best bet in that size if you want a long lasting tire.

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