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Update, I have purchased and am in the process of restoring a Vetter Terraplane sidecar for my BMW K100RS. I have ordered two kits from DMC sidecars for the hookup. One kit for the bike and the other for the Vetter sidecar. I am hoping to have it completed by mid winter and on the road next spring. The sidecar will need a lot of work but I enjoy the work as much as the ride. This weekend I disassembled it and have cataloged all the parts. The brake is pretty much shot so I will have to replace the master cylinder and the caliper piston and seals. Parts have been ordered. I'll keep you all updated as I progress. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. Craig


We want pictures!

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

UPDATE: I have spent the better part of the last month on the sidecar. So far I have redone the frame , sandblasted and painted, ordered new brake parts from aerheart, had the seat recovered, ordered new windscreen and side panels from gustofson, cleaned the tub and installed new carpet, replaced wheel bearings, had the wheel bead blasted and then I painted it. Had a new tire and tube installed and balanced, replaced the shock and most of the hardware, riveted the tub to the frame and today I painted the upper half and the cockpit cover . The color matches the bike. So far I think I have put about 130 hours of my labor into this car. I will try to attach some photos. Craig download was unsuccessful I will work on it for my next post.

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Tried again, file size is still too big. Will resize again and get back to you. Craig

The site is set to accept images up to 1 megabyte in size.  Anything that displays at above 72 dpi is a waste on most screens.  If you have a lot of pictures or don't want to resize, consider posting on one of the picture sharing sites and post a link here.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I will try again . Here are some photos.

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cockpit cover to upper cover riveting procedure. I thought that I had photos of the cockpit cover to top cover rivet detail, I do not. Therefore, I am asking the august members of the forum  send me some photos of their terraplane cockpit hinge assembly if they can. My E-mail is Anything will help.