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Baja Mexico mini-rally 2023

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Wonder how many USCA members would be interested to attending a one or two day rally down in Baja Mexico next February or March, 2023? Leave your trailers in southern California if needed and ride south. 

Offering camping on the beach or motel, cook out, crystal clear lagoon waters, warm temps, inexpensive food and drinks, maybe even work in a whale watching side trip.... 

Entering Mexico to Baja is easy and uncomplicated, same for returning to US afterwards. 

Tell me, what do you think?

If enough are interested, will try to organize the event.




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Count Aurora and I in!

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Seems several years ago there was a sidecar gathering in Baja called Brass Monkey. Anyone here remember it?  Did you go? 

What are your suggestions to have another Brass Monkey Rally in Baja California, destination Mulegé and surrounding area. The most beautiful little bay beach area in all of Baja is near Mulegé. Also old missions and whale watching/petting in San Ignacio.


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Love the idea and timeline suggestion, but school year is difficult for us. Otherwise it sounds fabulous!

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That sounds like a good idea. We would possibly be able to make something like that. J.R. & Avanell

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The Brass Monkey has been over the Presidents’ Day weekend for ( I think) 49 years . This year was at Cottonwood Cove, Nevada. Next year 2023 ,the 50th, is in Gila Bend AZ. The location for the next years rally is decided at the current year’s gathering. It has been in Mexico before and last year was going to be in Baja, but because of the COVID, it wasn’t.

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Thanks George, was misinformed. Was told the group stopped going to Mexico, thought it was disbanded. 

How does one get information about the Brass Monkey gatherings?

Would still like to gather down in Baja near Mulegé next February or March, for those interested. Do not wish to conflict with the Gila Bend gathering though.





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FlyinMonkeys I will have info at the TURDSE spring fling. Some of the So Cal club are also USCA.

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Thanks George, will contact Alex. 

Unfortunately will not be at the TURDSE Fling, am in California getting a Russell RDL seat for the Goldwing.


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Looking at the third weekend in February 2023 near Mulegé. Informal gathering of sidecarists with local interesting destination rides, whale watching for those interested, beach camping, kayaking, swimming, motel camping, group meals and campfire chatter, BYOB, que mas?

If considering trailing your rig down to Arizona/So Cal, there are RV parks where you can safely store your four wheels for weeks or months. 

Highly recommended border crossing is Tecate, small town, more laid back, less traffic, little congestion. 

Contact me if interested in an organized group ride down to Cabo in early February, catching Mulegé mid-month on the return trip.




For those interested in a sidecar gathering in February in Baja California, with its warm sun, sandy beach with crystal clear lagoon waters, mark your calendar....

February 17-18, 2023. 

We'll meet up near Mulegé, Baja California, Bahia Concepcion beach. Google map it.

What to do there? swimming, kayaking, fishing, rides to nearby old Spanish missions, maybe tour the mine in Rosalia, whale watching in San Ignacio, picnic on beach, campfire and stories to tell, while sipping your favorite beverage.

Where to stay: tent camp on beach, small motels near by or larger motels in town, AirBnB...

Border crossing: Highly recommended to cross at Tecate, a smaller less busy crossing with little 18-wheeler traffic.

NOTE: as of 8-1-2022, crossing into Baja does not require placing a bond on your vehicle. Just get your tourist VISA on line and show up. Of course get Mexican insurance for your rig before trying to cross. Have your passport and covid vaccination card in case they ask for it. 

Add your name  below if interested in meeting up on a Mexican beach in February. 

For those not wanting to ride in freezing snow and ice to get to the border, trailer your rig to southern California or Arizona. There are secure RV storage lots where you can leave your truck-trailer for a nominal fee ($100 a month). 

I'll be riding my Goldwing/Hannigan rig down to Cabo the first week of February, then meet up with the group on the 16-17th.

Ok, ask your questions...

Jan Daub aka CCjon

(361) 813-7374



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SwampFoxReardan Tom

Interesting, last time I was in Mulege was in 2004, no sidecar.

Have to think hard about this one.

4-21-04 5.JPG

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SwampFoxCCjonReardan TomFlyinMonkeys

Time to wake this thread up... start your planning now if interested.

February 17 - 18 - 19, 2023 there will be a sidecar gathering on Bahia Concepcion, south of Mulegé, Baja California.
We are getting prices on rooms, apartments, and casas now. Or you can pitch your tent on the beach.

What to do at Bahia Concepcion?
Ride to visit several old Spanish missions in the area,
Sit on the beach, sip cold ones, and chill
Eat fresh Mexican seafood tacos with avocados and pico de gallo

Take in a whale-watching tour, or whale petting, if you are lucky
Sit on the beach, sip cold ones, and chill
Eat fresh Mexican seafood tacos with avocados and pico de gallo

Go out fishing with a guide
Sit on the beach, sip cold ones, and chill
Eat fresh Mexican seafood tacos with avocados and pico de gallo

Kayaks will be available for use.
Sit on the beach, sip cold ones, and chill
Eat fresh Mexican seafood tacos with avocados and pico de gallo

You can stop in for a few days on your way south, or on your way north.
Bring your flip flops, bathing suit, maybe a folding chair, beach towel, sunscreen, and dark shades.

Oh, did I mention...
Bask on the beach, sip cold ones and chill with a lime.
Eat fresh Mexican seafood tacos with avocados and pico de gallo

AdvRider Inmate Princess Jamaica lives there. He will clue us in on what to see, do and how to get there.

Ask your questions here or shoot me a PM.


P.S. I'll be riding down to Cabo the first two weeks of February from Long Beach, CA with plans to be back up in Bahia Concepcion on the 16th or 17th.

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Jan, it looks, that I should hire you as tourist guide... ūüėČ

Saturday, I have to go to Tijuana for work, just 2 miles short of the border. More and more I get tempted to take in January the rig, when the installation has to be done.

By the way the rig got yesterday a kiss from a truck into the sidecar fender... just sheet metal... who cares? Seems Costarricans are nervous for todays soccer match Costa Rica : Germany.

Best wishes for your journey.

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CCjonReardan TomFlyinMonkeys

If you are still there in February, we have to get together.

Sven, Happy Holidays

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Reardan Tom

Here is some lodging information. Casa Bandera is a small apartment building with three two bedroom, two bath units,(called Casa Roja, Casa Verde and Casa Blanca)  for roughly $100 per night per bedroom. Each unit has two kingsize beds, all linens, towels, etc., full kitchen, living room, balconies overlooking the bay, wifi and large TV.  Clean, new and modern. See photos in the link below.

Two of the three units are already taken for that February weekend. Casa Roja is still available on AirBnB.  Casa Verde and Casa Blanca are booked. I have Casa Blanca: NOTE the second bedroom is available for anyone who wants to share quarters from the 15th to the 19.  First to call dibs get it.

Go here to see photos.

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Hello Jan, 

Yesterday I just came back from Tijuana....if there wouldn't be all those borders in between I am heavily tempted to use the Ural for to return to the job in January. Climate was excellent in daytime (only too cold for my back at night), people were friendly, food decent, and the colleagues helpful... 

So there is this strong itching in the fingers... 

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Getting the holidays behind us, now starting to think more about escaping the freezing ice and cold?  

The informal sidecar get-together in Baja California is on. Nothing formal, no fees, no name tags, no rally shirts, only soft warm breezes, clear salt water, warm sand, seafood tacos and cold drinks. Princess Jamaica has graciously offered to be the local contact point, maybe guide a ride or two, recommend lodging and places to eat.  Says he has a couple kayaks people can borrow too. 

Roads too dangerous or temps too close to zero to sidecar from your home? There are places in Southern California where you can safely leave a truck and trailer while exploring Mexico. I paid $100 to store my truck and trailer for a month in a gated/fenced RV compound near Brawley, CA. last year. The road conditions will determine if I ride or trailer in 2023.  Safety first.

They call it whale watching, I call it petting the whale as you can actually reach out and touch the juvenile whales that approach your boat. That will happen if enough people want to do it. There are only a couple of whale nursery bays in Baja where this is offered. It is a very cool experience, highly recommended. 

So a few sidecarists will be there on the beach in Bahia Concepción, south of Mulegé on the Sea of Cortez, February 16-18th. Pretty laid back, easy going event(?)... ride, chill, relax and soak up some sun.

Depending on how many show up, we'll plan some meals and campfires. 

So who's thinking about going?




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Leaving Monday to trailer the rig to California where I'll place truck and trailer in an RV lot for a month. Then riding the Goldwing rig down Baja to Cabo; returning north to Bahia Concepcion, arriving in Bahia Feb 15, staying until the 19th. before continuing north.

Have an extra bedrom available in an apartment with rooftop patio overlooking the bay, if anyone is interested in sharing costs.

If you plan on beach camping, when you get down there and see a red Goldwing /Hannigan rig. Wave me down and we'll get together.


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Reardan TomFlyingMonkeys

The colleagues in Tijuana are way behind schedule. No change for me to make a short visit at your retreat, as I see them delay and delay week after week, before I will have to go there again. I wish you a happy time on the beach.


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