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Amazing Collection of Sidecar Photos Of Every Kind

In another post ("sidecar pictures", #138) Peter Pan from Costa Rica posted a link that I thought might get lost over time, so I copied his post here so it would stand alone in a forum made for just this purpose. Thank you for the reference Peter!

"On the German sidecar forum I found this encyclopedic kind of sidecar photo link from Hartmut "Slowly". Amazing diversity!"


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"I ride because it frees my mind from the tyranny of petty things."

Muchas gracias Viajero por estas flores que no meresco.  The thanks deserves to Hartmut "Slowly" and of course to the french originator of this encyclopedia like site.

What puzzles me most are these futuristic steering systems which are used now in Europe. Somehow I feel that is overkill respectively racing technics on public roads. In huge parts of Europe the speed limits are so exaggeratedly low today, that riding a modern solo bike or driving an average car has become totally boring. (same here in central valley of Costa Rica). 

Therefore myself I ride a rustic Ural for the purpose: "To have fun at street legal speeds!" 

Everyone enjoy this look to the other side of the big pond.



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