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Why I trailer

Why I trailered my rig across the Southwest to ride  down Baja to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico... photo taken in New Mexico. Left the truck and trailer in an RV storage lot in El Centro, CA for a month.





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   As always a personal choice. Many good reasons. to  put it on the trailer.

I am heading to Hannigan the 5th no madder what. Plan has been to ride. But as we get closer the weather seems hell bent on making it a bad idea.

It is embarrassing to call wife or friend to grab trail and save me .

I have been in snow that deep. Made it home ,but it was not easy.

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Just as a point of interest, in case anyone else here wants to, or needs to, purchase one of those exact same trailers that CCjon utilized on this adventure....there are NO dealers that sell that brand of trailers in California, Arizona, New Mexico, or for some of you the closest dealer is in Halsey, Or-E-Gun, at

The exact trailer that CCjon has is the Bear Track BTU82120S, which means the deck is 82" wide, and 10 feet long. They also make one that is 12 feet long, if you wanted that length. But the important part here is that it has a WIDER deck than any other trailer I have found....with a true 82" of deck width, and my sidecar rig is all of 79" wide....(gulp)...she's a phat girl, to be sure.

I have contacted this dealer, and they are willing to give a discount for a group buy, but that is always difficult to coordinate when people have different timeframes, spread out across the country, etc.

There is a dealer right this minute in Ames, I-O-WA that has the exact same trailer, it is a 2021 model (no differences) and it is discounted down to                $ 2,900.00 if purchased ONLINE.

I will be placing an order for one at the dealer in Halsey, Or-E-Gun in late April, and for a price of $ 3,650.00, which is about half of what you would pay for an Aluma trailer, that is not as wide.

Here is the manufacturer's website, and details on THAT trailer:

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Big rigs are wide. And it can be hard to find one that your rig fits on. Really low of no sides help. The snowmobile trailers with tire under it have a couple down sides. They are high making it harder to load. The tires are really small. Not the best for highway use.

The bear tracker was the only one I found that would clear mine. And I really like the curve ramp

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