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Vetter Terraplane Sidecar for Sale

A 70's Terraplane sidecar for sale---in excellent condition. Was going to mount to my 1979 GL1000 but ended up moving to West Virginia where the roads are not condusive to hacks.  It includes mounting hardware for an 87 Suzuki Cavalcade.  Asking $2800 obo.  Contact Peter at 301-792-7816 or at for pictures.  Thanks!

Kevin Klages from Wellsburg put over 300,000 mi. on a 95 Harley/friendship3. He now has it on an 1800 wing.

Hack'd magazine was published and had their rally in WV for 20 yrs.

Gary Haynes mounted a gang of sidecars just outside of Buckhannon.

I have been riding mine to see Captain at Bent Metal in Rupert for 3oyrs. Captain has a few customers with rigs.

WV has some good sidecar roads.


I agree with Fly.  WV has some awesome sidecar roads.  Last summer we stayed in Elkins two nights so we could ride through the Monongahela National Forest 2 lane roads and to go to Blackwater Falls at Davis, WV.

There are good roads in every state. Took Michigan boys to go to Florida and find the twisties for the locals.. Guy's actually going to buy a house near there now. Lol

No state is 100% anything, that I've seen. Well perhaps little ones like Rhode island, but I've never been there.