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Trailering a sidecar


I will be moving soon and need to move the rig the same time as I drive down there. Has anyone ever fit one on a trailer or had it shipped? The bike is a 2019 Indian Roadmaster with a Hannigan heritage car on it.

Have not trailered the rig yet. U-Haul rents a trailer with a ramp that might fit your rig.

How far is your move? Perhaps you might consider riding it and flying back for your move.

The little trailering I do is with an impractical 20' dovetail trailer because that is what I have which is wide enough.  My 1998 Valkyrie with Motorvation Formula II LTD sidecar won't fit many smaller trailers with sidewalls, or even with side rails.   A car mover trailer might work if you don't have parts that extend outward too far to fit between the side rails.  You'd have to do some measuring before looking for a trailer.

I suppose you could have it shipped, but I think most haulers would require you to put it on the truck or trailer and also unload it.  They wouldn't be comfortable with loading and unloading it.  For instance, we've taken the S.S. Badger across Lake Michigan several times.  Their crew will load and unload cars, but require the drivers of motorcycles, large RVs, and 18-wheelers to load and unload their vehicles.

If you had a pallet large enough to hold the sidecar rig it would be easier to ship as it could be loaded and unloaded using a fork lift to get it onto and off the truck.  I haven't shipped a motorcycle since 1966 when I crated my Dream 305 Honda and shipped it by rail from Oklahoma to Iowa.

The width is always the issue. I have a Hannigan twin Classic. The wheel base and width  of items outside the wheel base are a big issue.

It took me a few days to purchase a trailer that would work. I found that very low sides were needed in my case.

I assume you are not buying one to move . This on is 82 inches inside.  All parts of the bike and sidecar clear with ease. The ramp is a curved type and riding  rig on is ease. The sides are Only a couple inches high . however it has slots to add sides or side loading ramps.  I wanted a trailer just in case and this one will haul any of the bikes of ATV's.

The Indian and the heritage is a good side rig. I am guessing to may need something like this


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If you're only hauling your rig once, this might not be a concern but when I bought the first enclosed cargo trailer to haul my rig, I got the narrowest trailer the rig would fit through the door. My thinking was I'd be able to see out the pickup mirrors better with the narrower trailer. Bad idea. The rig barely, just barely fit through the door then getting off and getting around to fasten tie downs was a pain. My son loved that trailer so he bought it from me and I got a wider one. A pleasure to load and tie down in. And I swapped mirrors on my pickup to extendable ones. Another loading experience- I broke down in Nelson BC a few years back. Had Petey with me and was towing a little cargo trailer with the rig. Rented a U-Haul truck and hired a roll back wrecker to get the whole outfit up into the U-Haul. That alone cost $150 but it would have been nearly impossible otherwise. Another breakdown/trailer experience- my shifter broke internally in the Spokane Valley a year ago this last summer. I needed to get the 10 or 12 miles across town to Vintage V-Twin. They recommended a guy. Called and he came over. His trailer lowered right to the ground so it was an easy load. The bike and sidecar wouldn't fit between his fender wells though. So we gently crossed town with negative tongue weight. Wouldn't have been a good idea at highway speeds, worked at slower speeds. That one was $75 but beat pushing the rig across town. Good luck with your move!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

I had my large rig hauled from OKC to Roanoke, Va last January. The big problem with rigs is the lift gates on the trailers are neither big enough nor strong enough to handle a rig. You can use a company that hauls classic cars, but they cost more. With Federal, if you can arrange a loading dock on each end, they are cheaper. That's what I did and it was $1000. Ride the rig and hire someone to drive the car?

Sidecar Mike has a trailer for sale on here. The key is to do a measurement of your rig to see how wide it is.

I've used the folks at to move rigs several times.  They use trailers that are custom built for hauling motorcycles and sidecars are not an issue for them.  They will come to your home to pick up and to deliver.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks to all who replied. I have a modest income from retirement and was thrown the proverbial curve ball and told I want a divorce and get out of my house. I cannot really drive down and then come back for the sidecar as my riding partner cannot be left alone more then a few hours. I liked the trailer but don’t have the money for it Nora place to store it once arriving in Florida .

I’ll give haulbikes . Com a call.

Pete, I have bought sidecar rigs located across several state lines. In two cases, I searched Craigslist for used utility trailers where the rigs were located. Found a trailer, bought it, loaded the rig and brought it home. Once home, I sold the trailer for what I paid for it... or a little more. Never had to pay to register the trailer in my home state as I never owned it for long. Some state have titles for trailers, others are sold with a Bill of Sale only.

Renting a trailer or paying someone to haul it is money gone forever. Buying a trailer and reselling it is at worse, a small loss compared to the big loss of renting one.