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Tires on /2 rigs

The July/August Sidecarist shows two BMW conversion rigs on the intro page of the National Rally picture story. I see three different treads on the tires. I’m familiar with the Metzler k-block on the red unit. What are the other two? I’d also be interested in what these two owners would care to share about their opinion of these tires. Both are very nice looking rigs. 

David,, you may want to open this question up in the general forums, might get more attention there 

For front tires the red bike has a Block K Meltzer, the grey bike it looks like the wheel is a 15 inch automotive wheel running a Michelin radial most likely a 125 15 mainly used on Citroen 2cv, it could also be a 135 15 mainly used on rear engine Renault's these tires can be purchased from Coker tire.  Another option for flat profile tires is Heidenau  Sidecar – Heidenau Tires No first hand experience with the Heidenau however they are of a newer design then the Meltzer tire block K. I do know that the block K "grows" in that above about 80mph which is near it's speed limit it's diameter increases enough that if it is tight fit under the fender when parked more then likely will rub at speed. Only other flat profile tires I know of are from Avon but only in a 3.50 19

Hope this is of some help

I have no first hand knowledge of either of the bikes in question.

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Thanks for the reply Jay. As you have rightly surmised I'm looking for a tire to fit a /2 rig. I've run through a set of Metzler's with unsatisfactory results (very poor mileage) and have also tried the Avon in 4.00-18 on the rear with much improved results. I'm in need of a flat profile front tire in 3.50-18. I also have seen an Avon 3.50-18 tire before, but I can't find a current source for such an item. I've read suggestions to buy a cheap brand tire for the hardness factor (and cheapness) so may try that route.