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Taller tires

Hi All, I’m looking for a better ground clearance on my rig for the occasional off road drive when camping. Currently I run 120r15 tires, but there’s a plenty of space to put bigger. The question is, if I put 135r15 tires on all three wheels, do I have to change anything else. Will the geometry of the bike will be compromised? Also is it possible to raise the body of the sidecar by putting a rubber blocks between the frame and the tub.


thank you 

Someone else will be asking the same question so I will beat them to the punch:  what bike?  What car?  What or should will be in the car?

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Hi Thane, I’m sorry I missed that part. It’s a 98 Moto Guzzi California with EZS sidecar. My dog( 70# German Shepherd) is the sidecar passenger 

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hi Ivo

nice looking set up

putting bigger tires on should not change any of the dynamics of your settings, you can certainly lift the tub higher on the frame

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Thank you for the info. I’m happy that I can build up my rig

Increasing the diameter of the tires will change your actual ground speed as compared to your speedometer reading.  Have you checked a tire chart to see how much clearance you might gain?  Your rig looks like it would be more suited to touring instead of off-roading.  Have you looked at available tire profiles (height sidewall as a % of tire width)?

The current tires are smaller than the original, so my Speedo will be more accurate. If I put 145/15 I will gain an inch which will give me total of 7.5 inches on the bike. I don’t plan to be off-road rig. Just to be able to go over some obstacles if needed 

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You missed one big item. You are going from a 120 tire, 120 ending in a zero makes it a bike tire and want to go to a 135, 135 ending in a 5 makes it a car tire. 

15 inch motorcycle wheels are almost 1/3 of an inch larger in diameter than automotive wheels. This is covered in many other posts here as to the safety concerns.

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Hi Jay, I’m sorry for the misinformation. My current tires are 125/15. Now I have to figure out if this wheel will accept a 145 tire

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Using this will allow you to compare tire measurements. It works with motorcycle sizes also.


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