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SOA Wheel

Hello, new member.

I have a Spirit Eagle sidecar and the wheel is rough. I thought I read somewhere a wheel that was a great replacement but do not remember what. A Buell front wheel maybe?
Does anyone have a tip?

This depends on which wheel you have and what diameter the axle is. They were not all the same. If this is the cast 16 inch wheel, I do not have answers, they were a wheel designed for trailers and are known to fail as they do not take lateral loads. If it is a 16 inch motorcycle type wheel many of these the rims were over sized making it hard to seat a tire on the rim. If it happens to be a wheel on a 1 inch axle you have a few options using trailer type hub and wheels. If it were me and you have the most common 16 inch wire wheel I would send the wheel to a good wheel shop. We use wheel master in Aubrun WA and have them lace the original hub to a good quality rim using quality spokes. I doubt you will find a motorcycle wheel that is narrow enough for the short axle on this sidecar. If you do you may find that it is an old wheel that ran a drum brake. Keep in mind that it also can not be larger or wider and still fit under the fender.

Jay G
DMC sidecars