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Sidecar Skirt Ideas

We use a skirt on our kayaks when we whitewater or in the rain. We plan to ride in the midwest and northeast in June and July so will experience rain. (Something we don't see in Nevada.) We're thinking of using the tonneau cover snaps as a pattern to make a 'skirt'. This will keep the Mrs. dry in the rain.

We have a DMC sidecar on.our GSA. Any ideas?

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good idea. I seem to remember seeing a picture that someone had done that, or something like it 

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USCA # 8913

Sounds like you more or less already have it figgered out.  Buy a big piece of neoprene, cut it to the same size as the DMC tonneau cover, cut a hole for the torso of the passenger, then install the tie-downs.  The tie-downs will be a combo of turnbutton eyelets along the front to utilize the existing DMC turnbuttons (like these -- and some snaps like these (

I just grabbed those Amazon links at random.  You will, of course, have to measure and order the right size.

You're making me think about doing something similar for my dog to use in inclement weather!

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Douglas Laird, unlike where you live in Nevada....we are used to rain in The Great Pacific NorthWET. To that end, I installed the Saeng TA windshield trim on my Hannigan gen 3 Dream sidecar, so that when the Boss Monkey is in the sidecar, the rain that hits the windshield is diverted around and away from washing back onto the Boss Monkey. 

In fact, just like Franks Red Hot sauce, I put that &%^# on everything, so I have that Saeng TA trim on the bikes' windshield, and the sidecars' windshield.

But, she has lived most of her life above the 46th parallel, so again, we are used to rain, and a little rain hasn't melted the Boss Monkey, like it would the Wicked Witch of the West.


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CCjonDouglas Laird
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Army hooded poncho. Add some snaps.  And go.

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Douglas LairdFlyingMonkeys

Ah now Smitty, there are simple solutions and there are elegant solutions.  I myself lean towards elegant.

Hey, Doug, your avatar pic makes it look like you have a DMC M72DX?  If yes, my "skirt" for my dog Kirby will be identical!  Maybe you should make two and send me one.  LOL


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Thanks for comments. Our big trip will be May thru July, so before  the departure we hope to find something or make our own.

I'll post pictures of what we come up with.


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