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Side to side level

Ok, so I posted the other day about left pull and fixing my lean out fixed that.  Whole rig rides as good as I can expect.  However the toe in is still too much and side to side it isn't level, the frame in the rear is about 6° leaning towards the bike.  So the bubble is still in the square.  The tire is about 3° off level the same direction.  I can't fix this without worsening my toe in.  Since it's tracking well should I quit tinkering?  What's the worst?  Tire wear?  I just bought a tire with a 65k warranty that they'll honor on the hack.

We need pictures!

In an ideal world, the sidecar frame should be basically level both side to side and front to back.  That said, it isn't unusual to have slight out of level situations.  Sidecar tires that aren't perpendicular tend to wear quickly and too much toe in will lead to lots of wear on one side of the rear tire.

If you think things are working well now, with the issues you describe, think how much better it will be if you get things properly adjusted.

Where are you located?  Maybe there's someone in your area who could help.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is 6° lean according to my phone level.  The tire is only at 3°.  Here is a picture of my toe in too.  It's not terrible I don't think, but it is too much.

Which is worse, off level or too much toe in?  I have to choose one or the other.

Uploaded files:
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I'm in middle TN


That's an odd lower rear mount.  You don't seem to have a rear frame to sidecar diagonal.  I'm guessing that the small adjustable link is used to raise and lower the rear mount.  Is it extended as far as it will safely go? The sidecar end of the mount appears to have a bolt so it can change angle vertically.  Does it have a similar adjustment at the other end?  If it does, adding a rear diagonal would perhaps allow more adjustment that could bring the rear mount up to level.

On the front mount, does it go to a frame clamp?  If it does, moving the clamp lower on the tube [it might not be possible] would effectively move the front end out, reducing toe in.  A better solution would be to get a longer diagonal strut. All this is only possible if the front lower mount can be extended.

The pictures from the rear are useful but we also need pictures from the front and if possible close ups of the frame attachments.

Good Luck!

Hey,  Tennessee members, anyone out there willing to help?


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

For this to work correctly the sidecar wheel need to be vertical and the toe in needs to be set correctly. Also looking at the photo of the rear of the bike I would guess that you  more then likely also have to much wheel lead. And it would appear that you do not really have an upper rear mount. The rear mounts are way to close together!  Perhaps it is time to look at how it is mounted and up grade your mounting system? If we were doing this we would start with proper bike specific NOT universal mounts. In the case of your bike these run $895 and put the lower mounts about equal distance from the ground. They also move all 4 mounts as far apart from each other as practical. We would then convert the sidecars lower mounts over to "boss and clamp" type lower mounts similar to what we did at this article and for the same reasons This would involve welding on the sidecar frame two pinch clamps. The parts to do this run $490. We usually also run a curved strut for the upper front leaving more room to get your foot on the brake pedal.  The way you now have it I do not see how it can possibly work well. I know that the alignment is wrong and I suspect things are flexing a lot going down the road and I would also expect very bad tire wear.  Also keep in mind, your photo's and angles are are measuring are with out your weight on the bike. Things will be much worse with your weight on the bike. Here is a link to our mounting instructions Basic Sidecar Installation Instructions | DMC Sidecars you will see that one of the first things we have you do is set the bike to the height it is with you on the bike.

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