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seeking automotive tire recommendations

I am a new member with a BMW k75/velorex 700 rig. I am currently running 135R15 Nankang tires on converted rims and a leading link front end. I am ready to replace the tires with new 135/15 or 145/15 tires. My only complaint about the Nankang tires is their limited traction in dirt. My replacement choices might include Firestone 560, Michelin XZS, Toyo, Nankang or possibly Vredstein. Any thoughts about these tires or any other brands in the same size range would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much for any and all thoughts.
Rob Kleinschmidt

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Rob, sorry for the slow reply--I've been unplugged on a sidecar trip since July 4.  Welcome to the USCA forum!

The problem with car tires that are this skinny is that they are mostly made for antique and classic cars where the "look" of the tire is the thing.  Traction in dirt?  Not so much.  I'd expect the Toyo and Nankang to perform about the same.

But Michelin does in fact make a 135R15 tire with a mud/snow tread but I think it's only available in Europe.  Coker lists it on its website but status is "unavailable." Got any friends over the pond who could buy one and ship it to you?  It's the Michelin X M+S 135R15.  Here's a pic--


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Ron, of the tyres you have mentioned in your post, as possibilities, I can say that the Michelin XZS or Vredestein would be MY choice, given the size you are looking for, and the rig you are putting them on.

The Michelin XZS is an old-school tread pattern that Michelin has been using for decades, and it still works very good.

The Vredestein is very popular in Europe, as is the Michelin XZS, because both are used on older European cars, that have the skinnier tyres.

And...any time you get a chance to go slightly wider...i.e., 145 vs 135....go with the wider tyre, if it fits inside your fender or wheel well.

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