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Riding my rig to SoCal AMCA Winter Road run

My wife and I recently road our rig to the SoCal chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America's Winter Road Run in Borrego Springs. I made a video of the trip. See it here:

As an '89 my rig is one year short of the 35 years for eligibility, but since I'm an antique, I qualify riding anything.
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I enjoyed the video, great job on the music too!

Nice! Kudos to Jayne for some good pics from the monkee side of the rig.


I'm trying to figger out how you got that shot at 4:35.  Cruise control and a selfie stick?? Pretty tricky!

You hit the nail on the head. GoPro Fusion (a 360 degree camera) on a selfie stick. Jayne turned on the camera, handed the stick to me, collected some footage, then I handed it back to her. Processed it after the fact to get the view shown in the video.