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Ride home from Washington State to AZ.

Still figuring out editor here:

A few more photos from my ride home from Seattle area, picking up my rig, post build:

Rig ready to embark, taking off from AirBnB in Buckley, WA.  Loaded up with take off parts from the conversion, son was happy benefactor of some new to him tubeless wheels:

Mt Ranier

Who'd of thought: chicks dig sidecars?


Interesting road on Pacific Crest Trail/Oregon/CA


Mt. Shasta in the clouds


Somewhere north of Grass Valley, CA


Somewhere south of Nevada City, CA


Lake Tahoe, CA


Some new friends in Las Vegas


Home again, back to Cactus Land


DIL and grand kids approve.

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Cheers, Dane AKA "Ben Franklin" on Adventure Riders Forums Why not?

Looks like a great story for the Sidecarist!!

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