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Question about driving Honda sidecar rig

Hi,  I am new to the forum.  I have a 2006 Ural Troyka.  I have been thinking about buying a Honda Goldwing sidecar rig.  What I'd like to know is if the sidecar pulls and pushes like on a Ural.  I enjoy driving my Ural but it is tiring on the lower back.

Thanks in advance for your answers and experience.  Rick

all sidecar rigs are going to push/pull to some extent, the key factors that determine how much are mainly

if the rig is set up correctly and all adjustments made as close as possible (toe-in is important)

if the set up has electric tilt and trim, and this is a biggie for me anyway

I found having easy steer installed also has some effect on the push pull, not a huge amount but some




Matching the sidecar and bike for weight is also important.  A relatively light bike with a heavy sidecar is going to be more difficult to keep tracking straight when taking off from a start and when stopping quickly.  

Al Olme can give you more detailed information on the ratio of weight on each of the three wheels for safer handling.

Hey Rick, welcome to the USCA forum. A Goldwing with EZ steer is like having power steering. Less work than a URAL, ( I've had both).

The key, as mentioned above, is if it is set correctly. A Wing rig is ideal for long distance freeway travel, not so much backroads  and gravel trails. It doesn't have the ground clearance of a Ural. But it has better reliability and better cruising speed.

What Goldwing? What sidecar? Goldwing's have been around no 45 years. A GL1000 is going to be a bit different then a GL1800. Unless a rig has full time sidecar wheel drive it is going to have a pull to the right (assuming right side mount) on acceleration and a push to the left when slowing down. There are resources on this site with more information, better still sidecar classes are offered. Or we offer the book "Driving a sidecar outfit" By David Hough which is also a great resource. It can be ordered off of our web site with some of the profits going to the sidecar safety program.

I would also be glad to help you via the phone answering any questions you may have. I personally have ridden about 200K on Goldwing sidecar bikes as these are what I rode exclusively for about 15 years. I now tend to lean towards BMW GS rigs.

Jay G
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I'm looking at a 1994 Goldwing with a california sidecar.


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You will have fun driving this rig. It lot more powerful and comfortable then Troika. 

Nice, that is a very clean looking rig and a good match up. only down side is 94 is before they started using the heavier transmissions. there are some pretty interesting looking cars in there. So what are they asking for it and how many miles does it have on it.

62222 miles, $9,000

Based on age and miles, unless it has been done, figure on replacing timing belts. You can use automotive belts. Same belt just for less money.

Bad things happen if the belt fails.

Based on the low mileage for a Goldwing from 1994, it may have spent a lot of time not being ridden. How old are the tires? When was it last serviced?

I can not tell in the photo if it has triple tree's or not, If it has tree's and the electric trim option then the price is still a bit on the high side for what these have been going for. On the other hand, paying a bit more to have it now rather then spending a year or two looking then having to have a bike trucked to you may be worth it.

Jay G
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Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30