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Prescott, Arizona, BBQ at the Barn

I volunteered as the USCA Arizona State rep.  I have a BBQ every fall for my motorcycle friends.  Anybody hungry?  Feel like a BBQ.  Donna and I are planning the BBQ for Saturday October 22.  Show up any time after 10:00am. We will eat around noon. Stay, hangout, and swap stories with friends until dark.  I will put a ride together, for Sunday if I get enough people interested.  Let me know.  I am about 10 miles NW of Prescott on eight acres.  Days Inn ($180-$200 plus tax) in Chino Valley is the closest hotel to us and Antelope Hills Inn ($130 + taxes), in Prescott, is probably the cheapest.  There are other hotels to choose from.  I'll let everyone decide what they want to do.  I also have room for a few RVs, no hooks-ups, if your interested.  This is open and free to all USCA members.  Let me know if your coming so I'll have a count.

John Gera     714 504 5573  TXT message works best for me, I get to many sales calls so ignore numbers I don't recognize.

11990 Cielo Grande,

Prescott,  Arizona, 86305

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John, welcome aboard as the Arizona State Rep. This is wonderful that you are opening your home / ranch to other sidecarists by hosting a BBQ. Being such a small riding niche in the motorcycle community, it is critical that we support each other in order that our sidecar passion continues for future generations. 


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JOHN GERAFlyinMonkeysDave Brakebill

October in Arizona, sounds like fun. The weather should be perfect and the scenery and riding , yeah baby!!!!

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FlyinMonkeysJOHN GERA


Thanks for the invitation!  I'm down in Phoenix East Valley, and will check in as we get a little closer and I hammer out my work schedule.

Would love to come meet other sidecar enthusiasts in the state.  We have some wonderful places to ride.



(New Member, Today!)  Traveling enroute back to Arizona from Buckley, WA.  Pic is stopover at son's house in Oregon.

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Cheers, Dane AKA "Ben Franklin" on Adventure Riders Forums Why not?

I am excitedly looking forward to this Saturday.  Sharing a smoked brisket meal with good friends and making new friends.  I would like to see a few more signed up.  Families welcome.  Come join us.

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Aurora and I will be there. Looking forward to it.

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The BBQ was wonderful.  Donna and I had 26 guests from 5 states.  The brisket was so tender and juicy.  There was lots of food.  I would liked to have seen a few more sidecars, but what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality. Thank you to those that came.  You guys make the party great.

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Big TomFlyinMonkeys

Thank you John and Donna. Had a nice visit and met some new friends.

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