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Poland the new and the old way

These days I had to work in Berlin and took the opportunity as change to visit our forum member Igor. The unique change was to meet him at his summer job at a future military museum, which is 600km=375mi  further north from his home.

The border crossing was totally easy. Take a paddle wheel ferry over the river Oder/Odra for 1,50Euro and forget paperwork. To find the place it was only possible using a GPS. (straight line = national road 22) Teklowo is a village of one single house!

The new way using GPS to find location.

On the way back I only needed to look at the sun and at each crossing choose the road that would leed me somewhere between North and West.

The old way, following the nose, somewhere between North and West.

The stay with Igor was great and we had our own fun screwing the screws of my bike. (Note to myself: You better double check if the fresh inner tube is good indeed).

Thank You Igor for these days and the change to look into soviet time trucks and tanks.

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The inner values are what counts.

This journey confirmed the concept.

Igor built the BMW-Igor-Velorex rig. From Velorex are only sidecar body and wheel. Subframe and sidecar frame were made by himself.

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Looks like a most excellent trip and the time spent with Igor. Memories to last a life time. Are you back home now?

The former skipper of the paddle wheel ferry worked 22 years in Argentina. This year there is a new crew on board.

At the future museum there is plenty of work for years waiting in Teklowo.

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Hello Tom, Igor sends special regards to you.

Next week I will return to Costa Rica. For now still some work and last purchases keep me occupied. 4 1/2 month on the road take their toll, in exchange payment was good. Such is life.



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Wow!! 4 1/2 months!! Your family will be very glad to see you home soon!! Much like a military deployment.  Perhaps the pay is better? I would be happy to meet Igor in person but there might be a better chance that you and I will meet in person one day. You've both become friends of mine through the computer. Perhaps there is a chance you'll meet CC Jon one day as well, he get's around to parts of the world I probably never will... Good luck to you my friend.

2 Years ago i was very close to buy CCJon/Jan's KLR rig. (that was when it took a bit more time then planed for Medio Tico-Rick to get his Ural from Florida.) We have to look, earlier or later there might not only come your grandson down to Costa Rica, but you and your wife....Or we come up.

With jobs I may remind to neighbour Didier's saying: "I do not get excited for any job anymore. On each job there is a hair in the soup."

He is right. Igor will confirm too.


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