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Moon and inverted gravity...

Hello friends.

The moon was hidden by earth and inverted gravity:

Don't worry, that aren't chineese warships...(¡yet!), but cockroach poo. Only a "Honneker"-tripod is able to withstand law of gravity. (sadly Leukoplast is disintegrating now fast.)

May the force accompany you.

(other carburator jets did not want to give me the extra kick to the Ural yesterday though. The 4th final drive is mounted and running in Sophie Travelair since Saturday.  42.386km (26.491 mi) and counting again)

On, on.


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Nice photos Sven! I slept right through it. Much the same way I celebrated the arrival of the new year.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Hello Tom,

up there you are supposed to stay together with Barb and Pete in the bear cave....Keep warm and healthy, buddy.

All what is needed for to be health and...

A few patches and scars to prove the originality and remember the lived. - Something to stick the nose into the wind. - All the tools on hand, although they might be dusty. - A friendly back to scratch and hug.

On, on.


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