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Minimizing turbulence/buffeting

Hi all. I will be adding a Cozy sidecar, which includes a windscreen, to an early model BMW Airhead. I will also be adding a windscreen to the bike. In selecting the style of windscreen for the bike is there anything I should consider to avoid having the combination of sidecar windscreen and the bike's windscreen create excessive turbulence? I read a post on the BMWMOA forum that this can be an issue.  Any thoughts??




KenO, first with your first post, welcome to world of sidecars. 

The tall windshield on my Hannigan sidecar was diverting too much wind to my right shoulder. Very noticeable on long trips at highway speeds. Had Hannigan make a 6" tall windshield, now there is no wind hitting the shoulder area.

Have never had a bike windshield create excessive turbulence.

Good luck with your new rig.




Thanks CCJon. The windscreen on the Cozy is crazy tall. I will probably cut it down just for less wind resistance which should help with the turbulence as well. 

The Airhead has the short wheel base frame which were known to be less stable than the later long wheel base frames. So I'll probably go with a smaller windscreen on the bike which should also help, I think???




Hi KenO, once mounted try riding the rig with crazy tall windscreen on the Cozy, and you should be able to determine about what height will help alleviate turbulence to your right shoulder and/or arm.  As CCJon mentioned, a 6"-7" screen on the sidecar often works well.  We did similar on our Texas sidecar with good results, and works for passenger wearing a helmet with a face shied.   The windshield for the motorcycle involves your personal preference.   Welcome to the offset sidecar universe.  Holler back along the way, and please post pics of your project and completed rig.

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