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May the 4th be with you.

Star Wars

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And also with you, Dave.

Yesterday the 3rd I had been on the first rig meeting in USA. does that count?

CRAP - Ural Meeting in Aschboro, NC.

That was my 2nd rig meeting in 30 years. (the other was last year in Germany)

Today the forth. The force bathed me 3 times in hydralic oil...

appears like a baptism to me.

May the force accompany you all and get always home in one single piece.

Best wishes.




Where are you traveling while you are in the US?  Maybe some of our members can meet you.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

At the moment I am on duty in High Point, NC. Next week I hope to be able to put my decade long friend "Medio Tico" on his 3 wheels again. His Ural "Miss Peabody" stands dismantled in Eklin, NC. We hope to get the spares early enough. (damaged crank just as my "Sophie Travelair")

May 18th it will go further on to cold Europe.

5 friends 4 Ural, 1 Aprilla Enduro went bad within 6 weeks. Fran+Ivonne the irish globetrotters and Richard P. the canadian missioneer are back on their wheels. Now 3 Urals wait for spares and time.

Thanks Al for the proposal...its just simply no pleasure ride nor vacations.

Best regards to all and thanks to this thread I got recalled that the best of all wives will have birthday tomorrow.

Live time- and rest-less these days.