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Joyce Canfield's Sidecars in the Flint Hills: August 27-30, 2020

This year’s rally will be held at Group Campsite S-2, Council Grove Lake, Canning Creek Cove, Council Grove, Kansas. There will be door prizes, awards, guided & self guided tours, and sidecar games. The rally fee includes 2 meals plus biscuits & gravy Sunday morning and camping with electric & water hookups (first come basis). This is a Corps of Engineers campground and has clean, hot showers. For those not wishing to camp, motels are available in the town of Council Grove. Visit for more info on lodging.

For Questions Contact: Jim DeJarnatt at (816) 309-3395,

A flier for the rally is attached. Directions and a map to the rally site can be found at: - August 22 - 25

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Thane Lewis

The Rally is still ON! With all the concern surrounding the virus, we are making a few extra requirements.

  • Registration limited to 50 individuals due to the size of our area

  • Must pre-register, no on-site registration

  • Price is the same as last year, USCA members $30, non-members $35

  • Camping included (first come first served)

  • Friday night hot dog roast, Saturday chicken & BBQ ribs, Sunday biscuits & gravy

  • If you are a last minute kind of person, call Jim DeJarnatt, 816-309-3395 to see if we still have room.

Hope to see you there!

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Thane Lewis

Registration sent to Bud & Cabin reserved in Council Grove (usual place in Cottonwood Falls closed for summer/covid)...looking forward to seeing the gang, it's been one crazy year!

Thanks for the posting Jim.

Happy Motorin'


 I once wrote to Joyce calling her "Sir" until later when I had a telephone call with her, that I noticed my mistake. I flushed red from shame and stuttered for some moments.

I would have loved to met her in person.

Please tell us about the event.


Dean, we missed you at the Sidecars in the Flint Hills rally.  I understand how Betty's condition would have been a consideration.

Peter Pan, Joyce was a very unique person.  Even though she had a daytime job working with the St. Joseph, MO public works department, and I have to believe she gave them more than their money's worth, she was pretty single-mindedly devoted to the USCA while off duty.

I met her face-to-face, I think, at a USCA national rally after she had convinced me I should be the USCA treasurer.  I had contacted her to volunteer to take the USCA secretary job.  She told me she had just filled that position with another person, but that she'd like for me to accept the treasurer job.  I held that position for nine years before Belinda agreed to take it.

Joyce was not a pretty woman.  She wasn't even what one might call a "handsome" woman.  She was not much for wearing nice clothes, makeup, or having her hair styled or even tamed, but when you got past that she was a beautiful person.

The only place I could fault her was that she wanted to have her thumb on everything USCA.  She was the sole "owner" of some of the USCA accounts such as the website, PayPal, and other things.  In the last week of her life she called me while I was in San Antonio, TX for a conference and wanted to talk with me about the transfer of some of the accounts to me as treasurer.  I told her I'd call her when I arrived home.  By then she was unable to communicate, and only a few days later she died.

Joyce was the one who started the Sidecars in the Flint Hills Rally.  Just last month Jim DeJarnatt told me at the rally that he and Bud Meidema have run the rally exactly as Joyce had.  By the way, USCA member #3, Terry Strassenburg, has been a regular attendee at the rally.  Terry is the only surviving charter member of the USCA.

Thank you Don, that was a explanation for a good character. Or as my sister Killi uses to say:

"Beauty comes from inside."

It seems that Joyce has done something about what I am jealous to my parents in law too.

"She went with the boots on."

If I am allowed to work again in US I hope to be able to assist to some meetings like I had a small change last year for a few hours.

Best regards.


Photo: quote from Claude Stanley's site with which I fully agree

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Quote from Tax Man on September 17, 2020, 12:07 pm


Joyce was not a pretty woman.  She wasn't even what one might call a "handsome" woman.  She was not much for wearing nice clothes, makeup, or having her hair styled or even tamed, but when you got past that she was a beautiful person.


I met Joyce at the national in Idaho (I think that was 2012 but might be wrong) and was very impressed meeting her in person. We'd been in contact other ways lots of times prior to that. Beginning with when Vernon Wade, the NW director at the time, asked if I'd consider being WA rep. I thought we were still discussing the possibility when Joyce announced on the forum that I'd "stepped up" and taken the position. OK. I never even heard the train whistle. At any rate, I was quite impressed with her as a person and the way she conducted USCA business. And I don't understand why anyone would think she wasn't a good looking lady. (Not being sexist, but I think she was.) We've had some very fine leadership since Joyce has been gone but I miss her.