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J.R."s new report

Had the heartcath done Tue.  Shows some blockage,but not enough to do a stint or surgery. Going to do meds to clear things up. Be on sick,lame and lazy for a while.  Was able to spend a couple of hours at Rusk  with East Texas sidecar muster.  Had a pretty good turn out and Art's usual tamale feed. His tamales are the hit of any gathering.  Thanks for the good wishes and phone calls during my 16 weeks of health problems. J.R.

J.R.,  was so good to see you in Rusk. Our regional rallies would not be complete without you and Avanell there.  That is good news about the heartcath. No major blockage, treat with meds only?, great!

Now to get the clutch issue resolved on your rig and get you back on the road.