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Is this a good deal?

I am new to sidecars, but am about to make my first purchase of a complete rig.  It's a 2007 BMW R1200 GS with a paint-matched EZS RX4 sidecar.  40,000 miles with car tires all around, an aux fuel cell, three luggage boxes for the bike, and a convertible top for the sidecar.  The sidecar can easily fit 2 kids, which is why I like it.  On the downside, there is a crack in the fiberglass on the sidecar trunk and it doesn't have seatbelts, which I hope are easy to install.

I am about to pay $12K for this in the DC area.  Am I getting a good deal?




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I had to look up pictures of EZS RX4 sidecars, and I've never owned or operated a BMW R1200 GS.  I don't think I'd be afraid of the 40,000 miles as I have 140,000 miles on my Honda Valkyrie.  The bike has averaged about 3000 miles per year, my question would be if the bike has set idle for several years, or has it had pretty consistent use.   The condition of the bike and sidecar and the maintenance history of the bike would be of more concern to me.  How large and what is the location of the crack in the fiberglass in the trunk?  Is it likely to grow in length due to stresses from use of the trunk?  Is it economically repairable?  That might lead to another paint job.

Seatbelts should not be too great a project.  You need to have something better than fiberglass to anchor the belts.  A metal plate you could install under the sidecar to drill into to anchor the belts should distribute any force on the belts over enough area to be safe.  I don't know what the frame under the tub is.  If a frame member is in the right location and would not be compromised by drilling holes through it for the anchor bolts, you'd have a secure anchor.

$12,000 for a 13-year old bike and used sidecar seems a little high to me, but not outrageously.



If it is Washington DC, ask if you can have it checked out by Bob at Bob's BMW .  Bob is a long time BMW sidecar guy.  I talked with him at the BMWRA a few weeks ago in Woodstock VA.  He also has a rig for sale BMW K100 EML.  not listed here.


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if it's the other DC up north sorry my bad