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Identify this sidecar?

I'm shopping for a sidecar for my BMW R75/5. Currently have a Ural as well. I like the Ural sidecar but am looking around.

I have found this one for sale, but the owner isn't sure exactly what it is. He thinks an early Hannigan. Anyone know definitely?


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This predates California sidecars. It was made by Spirit of America. It may be made from rotor molded plastic. California sidecars were made out of fiberglass and on a different chassis. The California version was called the Friendship one. Not sure if spirit of America called it the same.

You can not use "universal" type mounts on your /5 the frame tubing is to thin and the down tube is oval, not round. We of course make a mount which is included with all but our economy sidecars. The Sputnik at $3895 is our best bang for the buck. We can of course provide mounts for this S/A sidecar.

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