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How to post pics

Can't seem to be able to post pics. In the past I clicked on "Choose File" and then clicked on desired pic from phone and it would show up in the thread.

Am I missing something?


Edit.. tried posting another pic and I believe the problem may be the size.

Uploaded files:
  • 20181014_183539.jpg

Love the photo. Reminds me of Archie, my first sidecar sidekick. Looks like you have photos figured out.

Uploaded files:
  • 324.jpg
Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Archie looking like a cool dude !!


On the pics... just trying to figure out why some pics are larger than others. All are taken with the same phone. Settings haven't been touched.

'Nice pic!

The issue may be the size.  The limit was just raised from one megabyte to two.  That is plenty of room for a good sized picture at resolutions that the internet can resolve.  Anything higher than 72 ppi is really wasted on most internet devices and really over sized on most phones.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota