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Sold - Champion Daytona 2+2

I bought this sidecar last summer with the intension of mounting to a yet to be acquired Honda Goldwing.  But since then I purchased a completed rig so I am going to sell this nice sidecar.
Champion Daytona 2+2
I'm asking $3,500.
Mostly good not much bad with this sidecar.
It has electric lean, I need to test in yet to assure that it works.
It has a disk brake and the braided steel line.
It comes with a subframe and mounts.  I was told it was fit to a Honda Valkyrie.  I don't know what else the subframe/mounts will bolt too, or even if they are truly off a Valkyrie.
It's got a few chips in the paint but really not too bad.
I lost the trunk key but I'll get it rekeyed before I sell it.
I have a trailer and the time to deliver, for expenses.
It's currently in my garage in eastern South Dakota.  I'll likely be driving to AZ in May so I could bring it along.
Ask questions.  I suck at selling stuff:
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Hi there I am from Vermillion South Dakota. I see you have a side car for sale? i’m looking at adding one to my 2004 Gold wing GL 1800. Where are you located in South Dakota? 

Northeast of Brookings. I’ll send you a pm with my phone number bd we can talk. 

Looks like I don’t know how to send a private message on this form. You can email me at

Good morning guys!  I am glad to see there are other sidecarists in Eastern SD.  Are you two planning to be at the rally in Mena, AR? It is a great way to get help on mounting and adjusting. (A badly aligned sidecar rig is a real handful and not much fun.) 

You don't have to ride a rig to join us at Mena.  Solo bikes, pickups, cars are welcome.  We will be hauling our rig on a trailer behind a motorhome as will several other riders (or former rider, or future riders.)

Will Short

Rapid City, SD

Ex-President USCA


I don’t think I’ll make the rally. I’ve never been to one, I’d like to go, but I don’t think I can talk my wife into it. 
I own 3 completed rigs plus this Daytona. I really should sell at least one more. But it’s hard to part with them  

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Maybe I should put my wife on here.  The USCA is VERY family oriented.  We have traveled together most of 80,000 miles.  Literally Border to Border and Coast to Coast. As teachers we have had the  privilege of summers to travel.  Most of our travels have been to BMW rallies and to USCA rallies.  Do that we have done nearly all 50 states on motorcycles or sidecar rigs.  

This rally promises to be a really good one Jan has put together a program with a variety of activities for attendees.  The venue is going to be great (the Christian Motorcyclist Assn. headquarters.) We are promised some great scenery and the city of Mena is going to be very welcoming.

Ok - I've. done my sales pitch.  You and your wife will not regret taking some time to travel to Mena and enjoy some good fellowship.

Will Short


This sidecar has been sold