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1990 HD

31,893 MILES.
1990 Harley Davidson with sidecar:
- New oil pump check valve
- New tappet oil screen
- HHI 9 Degree Rake /EZ steer w/new air shock fittings in tubes in April 2017
- Reverse gear (clutch operated) from Champion Sidecar
- Scavenger oil change kit
- Vent kit for lower faring
- All lights that can be changed to LED have been changed
- All 3 tires are new in July 2023 -- less than 50 miles on tires
- Relay has been added to the starter circuit to stop the dreaded starter "CLICK"
- GPS, multiple manuals, and all take-off parts included
- The CB/stereo/intercom does not work.
- Bike and sidecar have been together since they were new. This unit is 33 years old and is not cosmetically perfect -- don't expect it to be.
- This motorcycle runs, rides and drives smoothly. You will not be disappointed.
$12,500....Located in SE Michigan....Declining health forces sale
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