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Where to buy a new copy of the “Yellow Book”?

I have someone interested in the rig I have for sale and I recommended he pick up a copy of David Hough’s excellent manual.  However, I can’t locate a source on the web as Whitehorse Press has ceased operations.  Where can one buy the book now?



Driving A Sidecar Outfit

"A Step by Step manual on learning to drive a motorcycle/sidecar combination These skills will also translate to Trike drivers too! A must have for any 3rd Wheel rider/driver

"This manual was created and published by volunteers from the USCA Sidecar Safety Program about driving a motorcycle/sidecar combination. When it was originally published, this manual was intended to serve as a complete do-it-yourself training guide, in the absence of a three-wheeler training course.

"Written by David L. Hough, under the direction of Ed Johnson, with production assistance by Hal Kendall, Ph.D.

Only $39.95!

Yellow Book


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We have them back in stock.

You can order the book off of our web page.

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