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want to buy bike and hack already set up

I'm in Az., just joined through a link here as I'm thinking I'd like to try a bike/hack combo. I presently ride a 1200GS, but I am told it's better to buy a complete rig to ride.

Vulcan Nomads; Gwings; possibly the right BMW. New to this, but I'm here and looking hoping someone posts something around 6K or less.



I have a complete rig for sale in the classified section of this forum.  It's not a Goldwing or a BMW, but you said you are looking for a complete rig for under $6K.  These brands usually run a bit more, and my rig is priced right.  It's a great hack for learning and determining if sidecars are something you'll like.   eMail if you would like to discuss:

Later,  Bud...