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Not mine - but an interesting Rig for Sale on BAT - IZH Jupiter 3

So I guess this could go in the "For Sale" forum, but I just thought it might be interesting to post here...


This posting is about a Russian (not Ural) sidecar rig, a 9178 IZH Jupiter 3 with a sidecar.  Check out the link below for more detail and photo's.  the sale ends (ended?) on Thursday March 30, 2023 around 2:00 pm Eastern (USA) time. 

No Reserve: 1978 IZH Jupiter 3 w/Sidecar


It's a small 350 cc 2 stroke engine, with an interesting looking arrangement for fuel/carburation, and has a chair with a sliding front cover/windshield feature for ease of entry/access.

Apologies again if this is in the wrong forum area,  I just thought it might be of general interest.


Cheers all,  Adrian Wright



Uploaded files:
  • Juliter-3-sidecar-2.JPG

Puhhh, the only few  IZH that made it to Costa Rica were very troublesome. The rig had 3 clutch repairs in about its first 2000-3000km. No idea if it ever returned onto the road (about in 2006 I saw it the last time).

The 3 solo's a buddy of my son collected... collect dust on his porch. Out of 3 he never managed to make one. So my guess is that the person who adopts this rig has to be very enthusiastic and may not live in mountain range, but in some rather flat land.