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New build for my Victory

I have owned this Victory for about 12 years and always had plans to build a sidecar for it. I have had a few combos over the years and built my last one. I haven't had a rig in a few years so it was time.

 I finally started the build this winter and took it for a shake down run yesterday. Yep, sure glad I did. Oh how I have missed it. I built the frame and suspension and the old Harley tub was on the last one I built. I've dragged it from place to place for years. It's nice to finally put that body to use again.

It handled great & tracked true. Now it's time to tear it down and paint it.

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I admire a man, or lady, who can fabricate and weld. 

Before everyone jumps in with a million questions, how do you adjust the lean-out and toe-in with your set up?  My untrained eye can't see it.

There are rod ends on all 4 rods. The pic might be hard to tell but here's a better view.

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