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Motorvation sidecar taillight

Hello all. Been quite a while since I logged in.

I went on a short 200 mile ride awhile ago and when I got home, i found that my sidecar taillight lens had fallen off. 

I have a 2015 Motorvation "Spyder" sidecar and and hoping someone out there might know what brand of taillight they used so I could purchase a new lens.

If anyone out there knows, please notify me. Thanks.

This is definitely NOT a sure thing...

I'd contact Midwest Sidecars at  (712)253-8898.  Ask Gary Greene (who works there).  He worked for Motorvation and he might know what the source for the lens was.


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Big TomCCjon
Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks Al. I will try to get in touch with him tomorrow.