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Grace and sidecars

When someone uses the "Contact Us" form, the mail comes to me.  The usual stuff is lost passwords or missing issues of the Sidecarist but yesterday I got this:

"Do you have or know where I can find a video of gracefully entering a harley sidecar? my guy just bought a 2004 rig and I can't get in using the (I think misplaced) step without falling over, etc. how do you enter properly? exiting for me is a bit more ladylike though. thanks."

Can anyone help this lady?  I've never seen any instructions for getting into a sidecar ut that doesn't mean there isn't one out there.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

We don't have a Harley sidecar - ours is a CSC Friendship I on a GL1500SE. But my wife uses a folding stool to get in and out. It gives her about a foot of height to make it easier to get her leg into the hack. Once she's seated she grabs the stool, folds it up, and places in next to the seat. We bought the stool at Camping World.


We rode a BMW K1100/Motorvation Formula sidecar (not flip nose) for 20 plus years.  My wife would use the mounting hardware between the bike and sidecar to get in.  She would step on the struts from the rear and step over the side on to the seat and slide down into the seat.  Getting out was another thing. There was no lady-like way to get out.  She was a trouper and rode most of 60,000+ miles until we found a R1100Rt/Hannigan rig with a flip nose.

Will Short

USCA President

It's always been a two person procedure for us. Put your right foot on the step, have your man standing to your right, place your right hand on his left shoulder, swing your left leg into the sidecar, and put your left foot on the seat. Stand on the seat while still balancing yourself on his shoulder, and lift your right leg over onto the seat. Now you can squat down into the sidecar, while holding the sides of the sidecar body. Folks have a tendency to want to grab the windshield. That's a no no, it's not strong/secure enough to support the weight. Have fun!

Tom, Ride Safe! AMA, HOG, IBA, PGR.