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HI everyone

I know this is not Sidecar related but I hope everyone will be OK with me posting this here. I am participating in an event called Great Cycle Challenge.

it is a fundraising event that last the month of Sep. to raise money for the fight against childhood cancer. 

I have set myself a goal of 60 miles and hope to raise 500.00. I would love to surpass both of those goals but we have to start somewhere.

So if you can, Please support my efforts

every little bit helps

Thank you 



Oh yeah I will be logging all those miles on my 32" unicycle 


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Just wanted to give a update, so far I have ridden 37 miles and look to meet and most likely exceed my goal of 60 miles


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As someone who rode a unicycle in their youth, that is amazing!

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I'm happy and proud to say after yesterdays ride I have met my mileage goal of 60 miles closing out my total at 62. I would like to push and get to 75 but looks like Ian has other plan for us here. but that's OK I hit the mark in time and am very happy with it 


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