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FLH with DMC Expedition side car width for utility trailer

Circumstances have me buying a trailer to haul my FLH with attached DMC Expedition side car before my side car gets here.   I don't have highway pegs.    I searched the internet and all I see is folks posting guesses or posting info on other makes.  Looking to hook up with someone that actually has a FLH (mine is 2006) attached to a DMC expedition side car.     What I need is the measurement from the outside of the side car to the other side of the bikes highway bars.  While your at it, I see lots of folks searching for measurements, measure to the outside of the fairing just so there is a record for folks looking for an enclosed trailer.  Folks that have mirrors or foot pegs can do the math and add their specifics to get a width.  I will  be getting an utility trailer so I am not worried about the fairing or handlebars.

Apologies if this info is located here someplace, I searched on a few key things and didn't turn anything up.

Thank you in advance for your assistance

Where I am located (Alaska) we don't have a huge selection of trailers and the shipping price makes them out of reach so any assistance with we greatly appreciated.


We have a 2006 FLH here now with an Expedition on it. It is about 76 inches wide overall.

If you are looking for an open trailer, used on the cheap at least around here we go with two place snow machine trailers.

Jay G
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Thank you! And also thank you for mentioning snow machine trailers, I was wondering if I could use one to haul the bike around on!!!



This is a Bear track . The inside measures 82 inches. It has low sides . My Twin Classic is a little wide than yours fits with ease and so far pulls great.

Trailer without bike and tool box is 450 Lbs. Also has it's own curve ramp that makes no hang up loading easy.



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Just took delivery of an H&H Flatdeck Utility that looks exactly like that. Measures 78 inches between the fenders. Different rig but about the same width as yours. I am going to build a rack on mine so I can haul the Rig, the mountain bikes, the Canoe, and all the other shite we need when we go travelling with the Camper Truck