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Car Tire for A Beemer

Hi All

I've put about 1000 miles on my rig now and have noticed the rear tire is getting pretty thin.  I have heard that car tires work well on a rig and wonder if there are any that would fit my R75/5.  I believe the rim is 4.00 x 18.



There are no car tires that will fit with out major changes to the bike and or custom wheel. Metzler offers their block K and Heidenau also makes flat profile tires that will fit your bike. They do not really last much longer but on the front they do seem to allow you to stop better. I prefer the Heidenau tire over the block K, but frankly have not ran either much I just find Heidenau a lot easier to work with then Metzler.  If you only have 1000 miles on a rear tire then more then likely you have alignment issues. In very broad general terms usually you can figure that a rear tire will last about 1/2 as long. Another route you can go on tires, this may sound odd but in general, the cheaper the tire the harder the rubber as such cheap tires some times last longer, even if they do no, at least they are less money.

Jay G
DMC sidecars




I agree with Jay on his suggestions.  I ran a Block K on an R90/6 because it was the only tire available at the time that had a flat profile.  I have no experience with Heidenau tires as they were not available when I was running the R90.  I have used the "Cheap Tire" idea on a trip to Alaska on my K1100/Motorvation rig.  I straped two rear "cheapies" on the luggage rack.  They were good for about 5000 miles. I did end up having to buy whatever was available for a front tire in Whitehorse, Yukon at the current exchange rate.  (Boy did that hurt)


Will Short

USCA Ex-President