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2008 Goldwing with 2011 Hannigan GTL sidecar and cargo trailer for sale. $16,500 OBO

2008 Goldwing with 2011 Hannigan GTL sidecar and 11 cu.ft. cargo trailer for sale. Less than 42,00 miles on the Goldwing. The sidecar was factory-mounted at the Hannigan factory in Murray, KY. The sidecar has an electric tilt control, a 26 quart ice cooler in the trunk for the ice-water air conditioner in the cockpit, and an intercom connection with headset to communicate with the rider.  The hydraulic break on the sidecar wheel is connected to the Goldwing rear brake.

The roof cap on the sidecar is removable and stows behind the passenger seat.

The Goldwing and side car are both in excellent condition, and have been serviced by a Honda-certified mechanic.

Price is $16,500 OBO.

Location is Port Charlotte, Florida

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Dear Larry:

I am presently looking for a Bike with a sidecar and would like to know if your Honda Goldwing is still available, if it is please contact me I need 

any info about the Bike, price, location. I am located in Tennessee.


Peter Porta 

Pete, Larry has not been on in 10 months.  we have no way to get ahold of him.


Larry Roduner:

Are the Honda Goldwing with Hannigan sidecar still for sale?

Peter Porta (


Hey Peter - if you'd be interested in something a bit older our 1994 GL1500SE with California Sidecar Friendship I is still available...but we're in California...

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