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2019 US sidecar Rally

I know it may seem like a discount is in order for single days but future rallies may depend on the cash flow. At the current cost, I would consider paying full boat for one day just to promote the hack life. M2CYMMV.


Quote from StrongBad on May 29, 2019, 5:43 pm

What about if we can only make it for one day and not all three?  How does that work?

I agree with CCjon. If you're not partaking of any of the activities that cost the club funds and just hanging out and visiting, there should be no charge.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

I'm not taking a stand on "day passes" or letting non-sidecar or sidecar curious folks in to look around.  It needs to be remembered that organizing the event, renting the grounds and publicizing the event all cost money.  If we didn't incur the costs that create the rally, that draws the attendees, there wouldn't be the "show", that people want to see.  There is cost to the club that, while not incremental, is real.

We have this discussion every year in one form or another, "Is it fair to the folks who came and paid for others to come to the rally for free?"

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hmmm, maybe we should create a "NON-HACKER" day pass for sidecar-less people to come see, talk and learn.....

USCA rallies are held in places where monitoring or trying to control public access would be next to impossible for a group our size. Look at the number of security volunteers MOA needs to control access at their rally. (And look at what they charge now $$$ for their rally).

The USCA is a family friendly group whose passion is riding off-set three wheels. Hopefully all hackers would support the effort to bring information, shared rides and camaraderie at a national rally by ponying up the rally fee, even if they can only attend for one day. Many may not realize that USCA does not profit from its rallies. Any left over rally funds have traditionally been donated to a local children's support group or charity.

One of the unspoken benefits of rotating the national rally around the country is the amount of money spent by rally attendees in these smaller communities for lodging, food, gas, etc. Local vendors are utilized whenever  possible for rally needs, thus putting more funds into the local economy. Though Couer d'Alene is one of the larger rally venues for USCA, most of our rallies are in smaller communities where a national gathering of any type is unusual and welcomed.

These smaller communities also appreciate the entertainment value a gaggle of sidecars brings.