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Sidecar Wanted .

I will be putting it on a 2007 BMW 1200RT, so nothing to old. It needs to keep the passenger dry and comfy. The closer to Alberta the better.

Is this going to be your first sidecar? I'll share a couple points you might be interested in.


Most sidecars don't come with a convertible top. It's an option on many, but make sure it has it if you want the passenger dry when riding in rain.

Get the right size car. You can't pop just anything on, its more like choosing what size trailer your sedan can pull. Don't go cheapo because you'll probably have a car too small for your bike.

The mounts are not universal. They say they are, but it's just like anything else that's one size fits all- it never does. Expect modification and welding at the minimum, preferably bike specific mounts instead.

These are a few of the biggies I wish I had realized before I chose my first hack. They aren't show stoppers, you can get around them, but ìt could turn into a costly headache.

Thanks for your input!. No not my first sidecar so I am a little picky. I had 3 different ones when I had children but it's been a few years. I have probably done about 50,000 kms. the best setup was an 83 goldwing with a Squire child/adult unit with car rear wheel and leading link front end.