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Y'll come rally

I just returned from the Y'll come rally and I had a blast! Saw some old friends and met some new ones and the weather was absolutely beautiful!

Yes it was a good get together. We will be doing it again next year on the 14th and 15th of March. If you want to stay in the park you need to make your reservations early, about 11 months out, as they go fast. The web site is below.

Richard, it was a good time. Everybody was new (to me) and I definitely intend to be there next year. Could you send out the list of people/emails so I can stay in touch with them? I was the guy with the Road Glide and CSC with the Navy emblem. Not too often I have to get that explicit about what I ride!


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Will do sometime this week.

I just wanted to bump this one up. This years rally is just 6 weeks away. There is a site for this rally. The link is below my name. This one maybe a big one.

Got my reservations some time back. Will be there or sure. Hope to see a big crowd. J.R.

I was ask a number of times about 2015 dates at the Nat. Rally. Well the 2015 Y'll Come Rally will be Mar 13th to 15th 2015. For more info e-mail me or hit the link below my name.

I and another Uralista will be coming to this years rally and hopefully a third will make it. Anyone from here going?

Richard; Avanell has been having some health problems. Running all sorts of tests. Doesn't look like we can make it. Sure sorry to miss it. J.R.

Tell her to get well. It will not be the same with out you guys.