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Yakima unrally

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We just got home from a farewell BBQ for a co-worker who is moving to Montana. She lives on a county road slightly off the beaten path. While we were there a sidecar rig went by. Amazing. Couldn't tell what it was other than white! Doubtfull, but anyone on this board headed south on Coulee-Hite Road sometime between 4:00 and 5:00 this afternoon?

Looks like I will be at the Yakima Unrally. Hope to leave for there Saturday morning(but I haven't done anything to get ready to go 😉

CYA there,

i hope to be there sometime in the morning on saturday, although the weather around here, hasn't been the greatest for riding


I hope to get there sometime, but have a couple of major computer issues to resolve first! Weather is not too great here either...

just got back from "the Palm Springs of Washington"

gotta go hang the tent up to dry 🙂

Saturday probably couldn't have been more wet! Sunday was much improved and the ride home today was excellent! But regardless of the wet weather it was certainly a good gathering. No one ran out of things to talk about and no one went to bed hungry! Chris and Sherry did a great job along with all their helpers. And the folks who run the KOA certainly held up their end of the week end. Thanks everyone! Aaron even found someplace to get his rig dirty!

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