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Yakima unrally

i havn't heard any info on this,
and so for i have only heard of 1 person going,
anyone else going to this?


There's usually a pretty good turnout. I have customers going and the Bigfoot Sidecar Club from BC will probably be there in force. Also there are several drop by's during the weekend who are not weekend campers.
Makes for a nice laid back weekend with lots of show and tell.


Archie and I will be there. Got reservations for a Kamp Kabin... We were going to go last year but with the National in Stevenson, both just didn't fit the budget. We will be in Yakima over Memorial week end this year though!

My Wife Tara and I will be there as will many other sidecarist. This is the longest running sidecar camp out in the USA.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

well after that i guess i'll have to go

Yakima's just a short walk from Pasco isn't it?
You can day trip that one and sleep at home. LOL


it's about an hour and half from yakama, should be a fun ride


Hope you're gonna be there Lonnie!

Dunno Tom,
Three of us old farts are headed south on the 18th for the Norcal Rally then we'll probably hit the sunny side of the Sierras or gold country before heading back. How long we stay gone depends on the weather.


Are you also heading down to the Lake Beryessa thing too?