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ya come ralley

due to a major reivation to silver river state park no body has been able to make revations so ya come will go to the history of great ralleys .. we will hold a get to gether camp out on the same dates ( this is @ the request of many attendees I have spoken with ,the loation is Mike Ross Goldhead State park PH 352-473-4701 but as always you need to use reserve America .we have parvllion there for our general use .they have cabins &cmp sites & the manager is glad to have us as its a slow time for him . we will not call this a state rally & will not have poker run so insurabce will not be necessary were open for a name of this new get together .I will try to get aflyer on web asap SSO Remember its March & bike week &the florida side ncar get together .??? call se dir stu pierce


moonlite how should I interpet your reply do you live close enough to come to the Tipon (visia for gathering ). if you do I`ll take care of your registration fee. OH! bring your DOG he`ll have fun too.capt jack se rep

I apologize for not understanding what you are trying to convey or say, It might be interesting or even informative but as I am only intelligent enough to understand English I don't have the slightest idea of what you are saying and for this I am sorry, perhaps someone could translate, thank you

The Y’ll Come Rally will not happen in Mar of 2016. There will be a “get together camp out” the 3th week-end of Mar 2016 at Mike Ross Goldhead State park. I hope this helps.

thank you

well I guess we understand stupidy

I don't think you should call yourself stupid just because you did not post a semi intelligent post,all ya have to do is review what ya write, I realize their must be a reason for your inability to express your thoughts in a manner which most normal people could understand, I hope you realize there are professionals that could help you should you decide to adderss your problem, you know it's never too late to seek help for afflictions, you need to quit picking on yourself, no need to call yourself stupid, perhaps you should reread your unitelligable writings and then engage your spell checker before posting again or maybe better yet,use the phone,assuming you have a understanding of basic english, on another note I and 2 other rigs will be in fla in that time period but we will not be attending, my dog is very particular, I really don't think this kind of drivel is very interesting to the other people that use this forum so I will not respond further to your calling yourself stupid, and just for future reference stupidity is spelled STUPIDITY, quit being so hard on yourself, my grandson had the same problem but as soon as he entered 3rd grade it went away, so ya see there is help yet for you, have a nice day, sorry folks, I made every attempt to be civil and respectful, I never resort to name calling,. and I am not the only one who couldn't make heads or tails of his 1st post, if you are going to post a notice that may be of interest to the viewers it should at least be understandable and the one in question is clearly not, makes no difference if it's the se director or not.

Just because it has a different name doesn't mean it will be any different. Show up and enjoy being with a group of sidecar folks. I had to miss last year,but have always enjoyed myself there. Intend to be there in March 016. Hope to see a large group of people there.
Tex. Rep.

thanks JR I haven1t heard anything since I posted to martin about change in state rep or a listing & maybe something mag about our march get together I talk to cilf & norine they be there &of course I`ll make the side cars in smokies .I am about to get laddie a new ride with full windshield &cover.i bought a hitcher on e-bay got it to gether but haven't installed know those things called round to it capt jack