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WTB: Sidecar For Above Knee Amputee To Ride Again, Virginia, USA

Hi everyone. This is my first post! Sorry but I didn't see a place to introduce myself. Basically back in 2012 I was in a bad bike crash and I lost most of my left leg. Since then I've been trying to rebuild my SV650 and myself simultaneously. The bike is close to being done but I feel I'll need the added stability of a sidecar when I make stops since I can't plant both feet on the ground anymore.m

So I'm looking for ANY sidecar in any condition. I built this bike from the bare frame and I'm not afraid to put in some work to make a sidecar fit. I have very little money so really the more work it needs the better because it means I'll be able to afford it that much more lol. PLEASE if you're anywhere semi close to Hampton Roads/Richmond Virginia and own a sidecar or know someone who does and would be interested in we
Long it, please let me know. Thank you for your time.

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Johnny, you'd probably do good to visit with Claude Stanley either on the phone or here on the forums. He's listed on the home page under vendors. Or find him on Facebook under Freedom Sidecars...

How about an Easyrider?

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