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WTB - Hannigan Sidecar for GL1800

Being the frugal person (read tight wad bastard) that I am...
I have been scouring the interweb for a few months in search of a used sidecar to go on my 2007 Honda Goldwing. I found one prospect but the guy did not want to separate the hack from the bike. It was a decent deal. I just did not want to deal with another bike to sell.

Sure I could buy a brand spanking new hack from Hannigan for around 9500$ turn key. But honestly I had rather save a few thousand bucks on a used rig and set up up myself...see told you I was...ahem....thrifty!

GTL Sidecar for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

Above is the style that I think would compliment my bike as it seems that this type hack was "made" for the GL1800.


If any of you blokes know of a rider looking to sell a nice used sidecar similar or same as the Hannigan please let me know. The color really has no bearing as I have a local painter that is a genuine craftsman with auto-body work.

Thanks for your consideration.

My sidecar is different, but its Hannigan and you can paint it.

Check out my ad.

Thanks DBrochu, but I am looking for the GL1800 style.

I know a person that has a complete rig for sale,i believe it's a 2010 gl1800 w/hannigan like you want,they don't do the computer thing. where are you located?i'll tell them about ya if your interested. they are located in northern Maryland,just a few miles from the Pa state line.

Where are you located? I have a Hannigan SP2 sidecar I have thought about selling.
The ad shows it on a BMW, but it would go great on a Goldwing, as it uses a Gold Wing taillight and looks a lot like the GTL you are considering.